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New Business Address for Brands Virtual is the New Real in Retail Zero Distance Platform where Sales Happen!

An Introduction to Virtual Store

Zero Distance Platform where Sales Happen!

Virtual Store is an online retail space which interacts with customers providing them with solutions, in their own space. It is the biggest & the best virtual arena for Brands to create spectacular experience led conversions.

Virtual Store offers brands the opportunity to draw the consumer into the brand story, deliver a remarkable and immersive brand and product experience, and ultimately galvanize their relationship with consumers. The portal is also integrated with E-Commerce so that customers can not only see but buy products too. No need to move out, stay updated while at home, make purchases in your cosmos, feel at store, see the product 360 degrees, avail the best offers: Be a Smart Buyer!

What's in it for Brands?

A store that changes the whole concept of online shopping dramatically.

Virtual Store is neither temporary nor a trend, it is here to radically transform the customer experience. It is the today and future of shopping. It is here to transform Virtual Spaces into highly profitable real retail estate spaces for Brands.

Finally something retail and consumers alike will appreciate.

What does Virtual Store offer?

Web based 3D Virtual Store – Design your store your style! Your customers can see & feel your virtual store as real as your physical store.
3D & AR enabled Product Demos – Give your customers the option of bringing the product in their own environment using augmented reality.
E-Com Integrated Platform – The portal is integrated with e-Commerce platforms so that customers can not only see but buy products too.
Splendid Analytics with Lead Tracking – Track the customers’ journey to design your next campaign around the same analytics.

Who all can be a part of Virtual Store Journey?

When the going gets tough, the tough go online retailing. Virtual Store – Your pass to customers’ heart, home & BIG SALES!
Virtual Store welcomes anyone & everyone in the retail business to be a part of this futuristic platform where Sales happen.
Mobile Stores | Jewellers | Consumer Durable Goods | FMCG Companies | And many, many more…


Brand love is migrating to an exciting new space.

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